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General Overview

Foodlocker’s Prime program is a scheme we have designed with the objective of shrinking delivery cost to zero for customers who help us build a following among their networks. Through the Prime program, Foodlocker is making modern retail technologies such as e-commerce available to many people. In exchange for the support our Prime Ambassadors give to their customers and numerous users across the African continent, Foodlocker remunerates performing Prime Ambassadors with free shipping and many other perks to come. Every Prime Ambassador gets a unique referral/coupon code which they can share with their contacts. Foodlocker then uses the same referral/coupon codes to track progress and to apportion free shipping to Prime Ambassadors

How to Win Free Shipping

By referring a certain number of customers to Foodlocker, a Prime Ambassador qualifies for free shipping for a period of time. The current setting is to refer 10 new customers to Foodlocker and to be rewarded with free shipping for 90 days on orders above 10000 naira and above. Our objective is to make our Prime Ambassadors benefit more when they refer Foodlocker to their friends, contacts and colleagues. Please note that the settings could change but you will be made aware of any changes via your dashboard.

How to Register

Visit ​ to sign up/register as a prime ambassador. Upon completion of registration (with personal details), you are directed to your dashboard where you can immediately see your Referral/Coupon Code and other profile details. If you are an existing Foodlocker user, your Foodlocker (​​) log in details double as your Prime Ambassador log in details. All you have to do is to log in to the Prime Ambassador program with your Foodlocker login details at ​ Please note that all your details are secure and well protected on our platform. We comply with Nigerian Data Protection Regulation 2019 rules.

Referring People to Foodlocker

As a Prime Ambassador, your referral code has just one use, as a referral code. You can share your code with your network (family, friends and acquaintances) and have them shop with Customers brought in by you into the Foodlocker Prime ambassador network will be referred to as your “customers”. As soon as you fulfill the qualifying criteria of having brought in the expected number of customers to Foodlocker, you will unlock free shipping! Hence, whoever uses your referral code to shop on Foodlocker (​​) or contributes to your free shipping opportunity. Please remember to Thank them for shopping with Foodlocker.

After registering for the Prime Ambassador program or logging in to your Prime Ambassador account, you will be taken to your dashboard, which has a menu that you can use to manage your interactions on the Prime Ambassador program. The menu has several tabs that are explained below

  1. Dashboard: Your dashboard shows you your referral code, number of customers already acquired by you and some details about the customers you acquired for Foodlocker
  2. My Customers: This shows details about the customers you have helped recruit as a Prime Ambassador.
  3. Log-out: To log out from the platform

Delivery Areas

We currently deliver in Ibadan and Lagos. At checkout, customers can now select several locations in Ibadan and in Lagos as delivery destinations and they can also select preferred delivery dates and times.